Outdoor and nature travel services northern part of Europe.
We are located on the banks of beautiful Atlantic Salmon river Teno in Utsjoki Lapland Finland.
North Lapland is known of beautiful, wild tundra nature, Aurora Borealis, Midnight Sun, Winter and Snow, exciting fishing possibilities, excellent trekking and outdoor environment.
There is lot of beautiful nature to see and experience, via tourist bus or private vehicle or the best thing to go out by foot and backpack.
For the more sporty or outdoors man there is possibilities, from mountain biking, trekking, tour skiing to fishing and hunting activities.
All this is best to enjoy with professional guide.

Here is really for seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer,Autumn, all seasons have some special advantages.


Winter is known for “kaamos”, polar night (no sunlight), lot of snow, possibilities to see and experience nature's spectacle Aurora Borealis, go for ski tour or snow scooter tour, ice fishing.
Or just to enjoy cozy well being, silence in cozy hut or cottage.
Spring time the Sun starts to bring light, mostly you can enjoy same doings as during winter, but now there is more sunlight and sometimes milder weather.


During summer we cannot offer enjoyable warm beach days, even some years he has been really warm weather. From end of springtime and early summer there is much to see in nature, birdwatcher can see lot of arctic birds, and many species comes for breeding. Excellent time for fishing, especially salmon and fly- or spinning fishing. Possible to catch grayling, arctic char, trout, pike, pike perch, whitefish.
If you like backpacking, trekking, mountain biking, trail running all this can be done with professional outdoor guide or by yourself. If there is some physical limitation, it is possible to attend motorized safari.
At the end of summer berries starts to be ready to be collected. First comes cloud berry, followed by blueberry, lingonberry, crow berry. Berries grown on northern tundra is know for more healthy ingredients. Also sunlight is starting to shade and midnight sun is gone. Nights will be dark again.

Autumn, nature is showing it's best colour show. On the ground there is phenomen called “ruska”, fall colours, also due to dark nights Aurora Borealis is starting to show. If you like to mushrooms, there is plenty to collect. For the hunter this is the time to find willow grouse, or even possible to hunt bear.
At the late autumn day will be shorter, it will be freezing during nights, lakes and rivers starts to frozen. But still excellent time for trekking or other outdoor activities.
Then from December it will be again, “kaamos”, the polar night with no sunlight.